vaginal rejuvenation

Intimate female surgery for restoration or rejuvenation

vaginal rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation for aesthetic or symptomatic reasons has become very popular over the past 2 years. Women can experience at a young age symptoms related to dryness, or over time can complain of increased laxity. Labia reduction or lack of fullness can also be improved with surgery or non-surgical options. 


Aesthetic benefits of vaginal rejuvenation can be to reduce the size of labia that has been affected by pregnancy and child birth, or improve on any discolouration or lack of skin fullness. 

Functional improvements can be for hygiene reasons or to improve stress incontinence related matters. 

The procedure

We provide surgical and non-surgical treatments to both internal and external rejuvenation. For the best results combination therapy is recommended. To improve the fullnesss, in combination we provide filler injections, and finally injection of PRP to improve the overall skin. For labia, reductions are offered. 

"The Best Experience Ever"

"Vaginal rejuvenation is often not discussed by many women, even though around 40% of women have symptoms related to this."
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Dr Ali Soueid
Consultant Plastic Surgeon

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