Top 9 tips on getting dermal hyaluronic acid Fillers

Having a dermal filler is sometimes trivilised in the media and among social networks. As a plastic surgeon I not only preform this treatment but also deal witht he corrective treatments and surgery as the consequence of patients having treatments done somewhere else, badly. 

We advise that you follow these steps before choosing the type of filler and who should preform the treatment on you. 

Is the location Safe & Clean?

Dermla fillers are injections of products and so like any injection, if the area is not clean, severe infections can occur. They also have risks and the location must have the necessary products and skills to deal with an urgent complication.

Is the product well known?

There are dozens of dermal filler products on the market. Choosing the right product is essential to achieve the result but also to ensure that the product is pure enough to prevent what is know as a foreign body reaction. 

Use only Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are the only types of fillers that can be dissolved if not liked or in an emergency. We do not use other types of fillers. 

Do not believe Instagram all the time

A lot of pictures we see on social media are either enhanced with lighting or filters or the subject had more the normal amount. 

Only let a Plastic Surgeon treat you

Plastic surgeons are trained in aesthetics and can also deal with problems. No disrepect to anyone else but the filler market is very unregulated and so knowing the quaifications can be difficult. 

Filllers do not last forever

Budgeting for the treatment is essential. A good product costs and so you should plan to either maintain the treatment or if suitbale later convert ot  a surgical treatment for longer lasting results. 

Aftercare is minimal but…

Event though fillers do not need much aftercare you really should not go out partying on the same day. Try and not use any products for first 24 hours until the wounds heal. 

Spread the treatment time and cost

The nice thing about dermal fillers is that one can spread the treatment cost and pace according to their own budget and needs. This will also achieve more natural results. 

Bruising can happen

So have arnica cream and ice packs ready, this will reduce the bruising time. 

Steps To Get Great Dermal Filler Results

hylauronic acid fillers

Dermal fillers can be used as injections to restore volume if areas are deficient, such as cheeks, and enhance existing features, such as lips or nose. Newer ranges allow it to improve fine lines and hydrate the skin. Our most popular range is the Juvederm brand. Using the MD Codes, principle we are focused on safety and cost effectiveness for our patients.

Benefits of Fillers

Hylauronic acid dermal and subdermal fillers help restore, rejuvenate and augment, sometimes in combination. They give temporary results but once they degrade they leave behind a new layer of collagen that helps maintain a better skin. They are safer than any other type of injectable product because hylauronic acid fillers CAN be dissolved in an emergency.

The procedure

After a consultation we can decide with you a treatment plan. The plan could involve one treatment, a combination therapy, or a layering therapy over several courses. Our aim is to provide you with the best results at the most cost effective way for you. The procedure does not normally need additional anaesthetic, but it is possible to add a topical anaesthetic if you wish. 

“We have the full spectrum of JUVEDERM products, whether it is the Volite, Ultra, Vycross or Volux”

Dr Ali Soueid

"The Best Experience Ever"

"The beauty of filler treatments that they give a glimpse of what is possible with surgery, they are like the vision of the future."
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Dr Ali Soueid
Consultant Plastic Surgeon
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