Mummy makeover

The mummy makeover (also called a mommy makeover) is a procedure when multiple parts of the body affected by pregnancy are improved through aesthetic surgery. Usually the changes are to the breast and the abdomen, but other parts of the body might be areas of concern such as labia. The specific operation is decided following a consultation. 


There main benefits are around improving the breast shape through restoring volume, lifting the breast and adjusting the nipple areola complex. The abdominal benefits include tightening of the abdominal muscles, removing excess fat and skin and repositioning the belly button. Labia reduction or repair following tears are also possible. 

The procedure

The procedures for the breast include mastopexies (breast lifts) with sometimes combination with implants and fat transfers, or breast reductions. The abdomen can be approached through mini or full abdominoplasties (tummy tucks). Liposuction can be added on to tackle some other areas at the same time. 

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"The mummy makeover is not just about the aesthetics, it is also about giving women the confidence in their bodies again."
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Dr Ali Soueid
Consultant Plastic Surgeon

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Breast Changes

There are many hormonal changes during pregnancy and these have an effect on the breast shape.  You will normally experience swelling of the breasts during pregnancy and after childbirth.  Breastfeeding will also produce swelling of the breasts as they fill with milk.  Once everything has settled, there will often be loss of volume from the breasts especially the upper part of the breast.  The breasts will also droop afterwards but the amount of drooping will vary from patient to patient. These changes can be permanent and is one of the main areas of focus for a mummy make over procedure. 

Tummy Changes

During pregnancy the growing baby will stretch the skin and muscles.  It is common for the tummy muscles that produce the six pack (rectus muscles) to widen and for there to be a gap.  This is called diastasis of the recti or divarication.  This can be widened if you have multiple pregnancies or big babies.  The skin will also stretch leaving stretch marks.  When the baby is born, the skin will shrink and retract.  In some, the skin may still be a little loose particularly at the bottom of the tummy.  This looseness can be difficult to get rid of by exercise alone and may require surgery to remove the excess loose skin.

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