breast lift

A breast lift (officially called a mastopexy) is the operation used to correct droopy breasts. Breasts drop with getting older or following pregnancy or weight loss. The mastopexy can be performed alone if you have enough breast volume or it can be combined with a breast implant to add volume. .

Benefits of Breast Lift

The main purpose is of a mastopexy is to restore the breast shape and position by lifting the breast tissue and suspending is a new higher position, without changing the size of the breast. The cup size might change because of the breast position. The procedure might be combined with an implant to increase breast size, or with fat transfer. 

Breast Lift procedure

There are in fact several ways to perform a  mastopexy procedure, depending on the desired result and on the existing breast shape. There are more scars with a mastopexy than a breast augmentation and the scars may be placed around the nipple, vertically or additionally horizontally in the breast crease. 

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Breast Lift Options

The options of mastopexy are first framed in whether an implant will be used as part of the procedure or just a lift with or without fat transfer. 

The first level of breast lift is what is called a circumarealor lift, where the scar is placed around the areola only. An areola reduction can be accomplished by this procedure also. If a further lift then a vertical scar is needed, and if a further lift is needed then an inverted T scar is needed to gain the shape and lift needed. 

After Care

Immediately after the procedure the breasts will be supported by a self made bra made from tape and placed in the operating room. This will stay in place for 7 days. All sutures dissolve. At around 2 weeks it is possible to massage the scars and in around 3 weeks, it is possible to use silicone gel. 

We recommend that you wear a sports bra or a medical garment for 3 months in total after surgery. It is possible to return to work in 2 weeks and to play all sports in 6 weeks after surgery. 

Duration 2 hours


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Work in 14 days


Sports in 6 weeks