Thigh lift

A thigh lift is a surgical operation to rejuvenate the thigh and remove excess skin and fat. It is usually preformed following weigh loss or following or as part of a liposuction procedure. It is usually done in combination with other procedures. 

Benefits of the thigh lift

Excess in the thighs sometimes goes with excess in other parts such as the hips or abdomen. Combining a thigh lift with a trunk procedure means that the thighs will also look rejuvenated in combination surgery. The inner thighs are particularly areas and the lift can be combined with liposuction. 

The procedure

The thigh lift procedure involves a general anaesthetic. Usually liposuction is preformed first to remove as much of the fat away, unless there skin only in the first place. After that the excess skin is removed and the scar is closed. If there is only a minimal amount of skin, a thigh crease incision is enough, otherwise the incision will extend down the thigh.

"The Best Surgical Experience Ever"

"The benefits of including a thigh lift with an abdominoplasty is that the two areas suffer usually from the same excess, so dealing with both gives a better overall aesthetic result."
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Dr Ali Soueid
Consultant Plastic Surgeon

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Based on what you tell us and a physical examination we will discuss the options with you. 

The first option is to have liposuction alone and rely on skin contracture. 

If the amount of skin is minimal, then a thigh crease incision is enough. 

If not, we will plan a hockey stick incision that extends into the thigh on the medial (inner) aspect of the thigh. 

After Care

There might be a small drain that is removed the next day. Following surgery you will need to wear a pressure garment or tight cycling shorts for 2 months, The scars can take up to one year to fade, and can be helped along with massaging and sunscreen. 

You need to rest for at least 2 weeks and you will need to stop sporting activities for around 6 weeks. During the healing process, stay away from smoking and smokers, this can affect your wound healing. Scars are not usually an issue for patients.  

Duration 2 hours


From £4999

Work in 14 days


Sports in 2 months