non-Surgical Treatments

When it is not time for surgery but you still want the results

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All procedures are done by a certified Consultant Plastic Surgeon who is trained in all of these surgeries and conditions.

We are Anti- everything that makes us less happy

Anti-ageing injections to help slow down time. No magic here. 

Our treatments can help eliminate frowns…so a while at least. 

Hyperhydrosis, or excess sweating in arms, forehead or hands.

Botulinum toxin injections to help manage headaches. 

We use the best and safest brands in the world 


Filler injection in forehead to augment the forehead or help with wrinkles.

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Filler injection in the temple area to fill or to support a lifting procedure.

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Filler injection in the eyebrows to lift or to correct asymmetries. 

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Cheek augmentation using fillers to enhance cheeks definition. 

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Non-surgical rhinoplasty or non-surgical nose job. 

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Filler injection in the jaws as part of a lift or to enhance definition. 

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Lip fillers for augmentation or restoration of lost volume. 

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Chin filler injection to create symmetry with nose or augment. 

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Our specialist procedure to lift the face using MD code concepts. 

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Our signature jaw HD procedure to get the sharpness of the jawline. 

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Hand fillers to restore lost volume or combat the signs of ageing. 

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Filler injection into the labia to restore lost volume. 

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Skin Booster

Skin boosters help hydrate the skin and combined with meso or PRP. 

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New high concentration filler given in 2 courses 4 weeks apart. 

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Filler injection in scars to help reduce indentation. 

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Tear Trough

Under eye filler injections to improve on hollowness of the eyes. 

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From skin purification to pigment regulation, we do it. 

Excellent for skin purification or brightening, based on alpha-hydroxy acid. 

A slightly deeper keratolytic peel that controls skin oils and reduces redness and controls pores. 


trichloroacetic acid peels are excellent for treating skin discoloration, scarring and deep wrinkles. 

A perfect peel for darker skin types concerned about acne, blackheads, large pores or pigment.

One of our favourite peels for acne treatment, and if combined with TCA excellent for acne scar. 

A specialist skin peel, safe on all skin types and penetrates all layers for a holistic result.  

A really popular peel of the holywood stars. A package that covers all skin care. 

The deepest peel possible and gives impressive results.It tackles the toughest wrinkles.

Organic skin and hair boosting therapy

Increase hair density and improve hair quality. 

Treats acne, helps to brighten the skin and improve skin.

Treat the signs of ageing with gentle organic treatment.

Helps improve skin quality in the mons area.

Coned threads for longer lifts without the scars.

For brow position adjustment or brow symmetry.   

Cheek and Jowls lifts.

Neck tightening. 

laser treatments for hair and skin disorders with minimal downtime. 

laser hair removal painlessly.

Pigmentation treatments

Tattoo removal without surgery.

effective wart treatment without scars. 

Spider naevi or rosacea. 

Mole removal without surgery.

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