Platelet rich plasma (prp)

Platelet Rich Plasma treaments, short is PRP, is a technique to use the ability of platelets to release growth factors that can promote healing or regenrate skin and hair.

What is plasma and what are platelets?

Plasma is the liquid portion of whole blood. Platelets are blood cells that cause blood clots and other necessary growth healing functions. Platelet activation plays a key role in the body’s natural healing process.

How is PRP prepared?

PRP injections are prepared by taking anywhere from one to a few tubes of your own blood and running it through a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets. These activated platelets are then injected directly into your injured or diseased body tissue. This releases growth factors that stimulate and increase the number of reparative cells your body produces.

What are the benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma Injections (PRP)?

platelet rich plasma

By using a process called centrifugation, the blood components are separated. PRP is the result of this process. This golden mixture is shown to be very effective in facial rejuvenation and in hair restoration. Results can be seen after one treatment but a course of treatment is recommended for optimal results. 

Benefits of OUR PRP

We use one of the best PRP machines in the world. The machine is regulated to extract the platelets and seperates them from the rest of the blood contents using a special barrier. This is gives you pure PRP. Injecting other types of cells can be harmful. All our PRP treatments are delivered by a consultant plastic surgeon. 

The procedure

The procedure is done as an outpatient procedure. Sometimes local anaesthetic is needed, but not always. The first step is to take around 10ml of blood from the arm (the same amount needed to carry out a blood test). The blood is then spun at high speed in a centrifuge separating the blood components. The PRP is then extracted from this mixture into a syringe. It is then injected in the area needed.

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"We use one of the best systems in the world for our PRP treatments, ensuring that pure platelets are delievered."
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Dr Ali Soueid
Consultant Plastic Surgeon

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PRP treatments can be delivered to any part of the body, with popular sites being the hair and the face. Other parts include the neck, the back of the hands and the around the pubic area. 

It can be combined with other treatments like mesotherapy and it can be done as a one off treatment or as a course of treatments, the course being the most popular way. Treatments can be between 1 to 6 months apart, and we will advise you based on our experience what works best. 

After Care

The nice thing about PRP is that it is completely organic and the down time is really low. In hair treatments there will be no physical signs to see immediately after treatment. In skin treatments, some redness might exist due to the injections but this goes away in less than 24 hours. 

The areas treated can be massaged immediately afterwards to help spread the product. It will take between 2-4 weeks to start seeing some real visible results.