Breast reduction

Officially called Reduction Mammaplasty, a breast reduction is an operation to reduce the volume of the breasts. Large breasts can cause physical symptoms such as grooving in the shoulders from their bra, rashes under the breasts, difficulty finding bras or clothing, poor posture, neck, shoulder or back pain.  It is one of the operations associated with significant improvement in the quality of life for patients.

Benefits of mammaplasty

The benefits from a breast reduction mainly focus on symptom relief from back pain, shoulder pain, bra straps digging in, skin irritation under the breast. Heavy breasts are also difficult to examine from a breast detection aspect. 

There is also the psychological element and the clothes fitting aspect. 

Breast Reduction procedure

Breast reduction is performed under a general anaesthetic and usually requires an overnight stay in hospital.  Patients may need to have a drain in either breast immediately after the procedure and these will be removed prior to discharge. There will be a scar around the areola, down the breast verticallly and along the inframammary fold.