Body lifts

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Body lifts

A body lift is also know as a “belt lipectomy”, a “circumferential body lift” or a “full body lift”. It is an operation designed to correct, contour and rejuvenate the trunk area of the body in one procedure. It is especially applicable for those that have lost weight and have excess and redundant skin in the front and the back of the trunk. There is also a reverse body lift, with the scar placed in the upper trunk.

Benefits of a body lift

The main benefit of a full body lift is that is can address the concerns of patients in one operation. Any excess skin and fat in the abdominal area, the flanks, and the back is removed in one operation. It also helps to lift the buttocks and the mons pubis area.

despite having a scar all around the lower abdomen, the aesthetic benefit of removing this excess outweighs this for most patients. 

The procedure

The body lift procedure is done under a general anaesthetic. It is one of the longest aesthetic procedures and carries the most risks. It usually requires a 2 team surgeon approach to minimise the anaesthetic time. 

The procedure involves removing all the excess through a carefully planned procedure and then bringing the skin back together through careful suturing of the skin.

"The Best Experience Ever"

"Even though the body lift is one of the most complex aesthetic procedures, for patients this is an operation can truly improve life quality."
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Dr Ali Soueid
Consultant Plastic Surgeon

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