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All procedures are done by a certified Consultant Plastic Surgeon who is trained in all of these surgeries and conditions.


Breast surgery for males and females. Breast enlargement or reductions, lifts or tweaks.

Breast enlargement using implants or fat transfer. From £4999.

Mastopexy procedures to lift the breast with the minimum scarring possible. Can be combined with enlargement.

Breast reduction procedures to relieve back pain, asymmetries, for psychological well-being.

Male breast correction for gynaecomastia, through liposuction or removal of excess tissue. 


Body sculpting and correction options. 

Abdominoplasty to remove excess or correct muscle diverication after pregnancy.

Liposuction to remove excess or to sculpture. Can be combined with fat transfer

Fat transfer to face, breasts, calf, hands, hips or buttocks. To enhance or restore. Combined with Liposuction

Mummy makeover following pregnancies and childbirth to restore shape and repair muscles.

Belt Lipectomy to lift the central body and remove excess tissue. Combined with arm lift or thigh lifts

To lift the thigh after weight loss. Usually combined with abdominoplasty or arm lifts

Treatment of excess skin and fat in the arms. Combined with liposuction or thigh lifts

Labiaplasty for reduction or repair of tears after delivery. Combined with PRP or fat transfer. 


Facial surgery for age and function restoration

Helps reposition the brow at its original position. Usually combined with upper eyelid surgery. 

Mini or full facelift to restore shape or correct asymmetries. Usually combined with brow or neck lifts.

To correct platysmal bands or double chin. Can be done alone or combined with a facelift.

Upper or lower blephroplasty to remove excess or treat ptosis. Can be combined with brow lifts

Prominent ear correction, earlobe reduction or ear size reduction using plastic surgery.

For the correction of prominent ears with a clip implant placed in the front of the ear.

Rhinoplasty surgery to correct nasal deformities or adjust nasal shape for function or aesthetic.

Correction of traumatic earlobe splits or stretch, earlobe reductions, or change of shape of lobe for aesthetic reasons. 


We use the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System as standard of care to have natural looking hair.

The most advanced and only robotic hair transplant system in the world, is only a click away. 

Traditional hair transplants by hand. 

Eyebrow transplantation 

Eyelash transplantation

Local anaesthetic procedures to treat medical conditions. Some are eligible for insurance cover. 

Mole checks for skin cancer and removal with diagnostic histology included for your piece of mind. 

Skin tags removal from face, axillas, neck and more. 

Cysts removal with permanent results. 

Milia treatment by permanent removal 

Correction of inverted nipples with minimal scarring and quick recovery. 

For permanent removal of unwanted tattoos that are resistant to lasers. 

Treatment of warts by cryotherapy, lasers or surgical excision. 

Scar treatment using PRP, fat grafting, dermal fillers, lasers, dermaroller or surgical revision. 

Removal of fatty lumps under the skin with permanent results.