Brow lift

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, is a procedure to raise the brows. By raising the brow, apart from suspending them higher on the face, achieves other benefits such as opening the eyes, looking less tired and improve asymmetry. 

The procedure is a popular combination with facelifts and blepharoplasties. 

Benefits of a brow lift

The brow lift procedure can be done for aesthetic or functional reasons. Aesthetic reasons are due to the brow dropping as we age to a lower position. This gives a feeling of heaviness and the look of tiredness. 

Functional reasons are around restrictions of the eyesight due to the heaviness of the brow or due to asymmetry as a result of a facial nerve palsy or injury. 

The procedure

A brow lift procedure can be done under a general anaesthetic, sedation or a local anaesthetic. It is usually a day case. There are usually no drains but sometimes a fibrin tissue glue is used to support the tissues and prevent fluid collection. Depending on the type of brow lift, there will be instructions about aftercare to follow. 

"The Best Experience Ever"

"The brow lift is often under rated on the effect it can have on opening the face and improving on the look of tiredness that patients sometimes describe."
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Dr Ali Soueid
Consultant Plastic Surgeon

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There are non-surgical and surgical options to lift the brow. Non-surgical options are chemical or threads, lasting up to one year depending on the technique. 

Surgical options include direct, indirect and endoscopic, each having advantages and disadvantages, which will be discussed during  consultation. 

If combined with a blepharoplasty, the brow lift is preformed first, then the blepharoplasty, all be it in the same operation. 

After Care

After the procedure you might have wear a compression bandage if an indirect surgical brow lift was preformed. This is for up to one week. 

For non-surgical techniques the down time is minimal, but we do advise to avoid doing any aggressive sporting activities for a few days. 

You will need to rest and elevate the head, avoiding straining Cold compressors help in reducing the swelling after the procedure. Arnica reduces the bruising. 

Duration 1-2 hours


From £250

Work from immediate


Sports in 48 hours